Art Gallery

On Thursday, March 10th, students presented the original works of art they created based on the novels they read independently this month.  We had a wonderful audience who came to view the art and hear the artists’ presentations.  We also enjoyed cookies and lemonade!

Here is a copy of their assignment:

Project: Art Gallery Opening

The Leverett Elementary School Library is hosting an Art Show and is seeking submissions of art inspired by books.  Any medium of art is acceptable.  Some ideas include a watercolor painting, a sculpture, a 3D collage, a realistic pen and ink sketch, a photo exhibit, or a mixed medium project.  All projects must have a title and must state what book and author inspired the work.  Additionally, each project needs to have an artist’s statement that clearly explains the piece and how the art is related to the book.  Each artist will give a brief (1-2 minute) introduction to his/her work of art before patrons will be allowed to peruse the gallery.


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